Choosing the proper Energy Management Courses for your company is your key to effective savings. Superior Energy Management Courses are hard come by. Don’t get it wrong or you will have wasted money. With the frenzy of online offerings, Energy Management Courses are just one area, of many, that have been assaulted by less-than-adequate support and little or no ability to contact course instructors to ask critical questions. A single Energy Management question that receives the proper answer from a real world experienced instructor can be worth tens of thousands of dollars in savings to your checkbook.

When planning to implement a solid Energy Management Program (EMP) at your location, you want to make sure that your personnel are going to get trained properly. Few brick and mortar schools offer real world classes in Energy Management and conservation , so it is up to the industrial and commercial world to self-educate. But finding Energy Management Courses that give you valuable services, like access to instructors, and 24/7 access to the course curriculum on nearly any device, and especially access to the curriculum for several months afterwards, are hard to come by.

Some courses focus more on Green Energies , which are great if you have the budget and can wait for fifteen to twenty-five years to recoup your investment, but the real savings start with taking great Energy Management Courses right now. Installing costly green energies before having company personnel formally trained in Energy Management is expensive and slow and is doing things backwards. For only a few hundred of dollars employees can get trained with Energy Management Courses and implement that information into the day to day operations at your location. The savings begin immediately. But don’t be fooled. Any company can save energy by freezing their employees to the bone by turning down the thermostat. This is not the way to do it, and any course that is telling you to compromise your staff’s comfort is not a particularly good course to have your people be trained with. Causing unneeded discomfort within the organization will only cause everyone in the organization to be unhappy, leaving you with weak productivity. Happy, content workers are productive workers!

The trick in Energy Management is to make changes that, first and foremost, do not adversely affect the day to day operations of the location . It is also critical that the EMP put in place is mostly not noticed, except for when the accounting department opens the energy bills and wonders if the gas and electric companies made a mistake and underbilled. That would, of course, be great news! Some operations have a good EMP in place already, so their savings from being trained with good Energy Management Courses would be obviously lower than a company that has no EMP in place. The part that is always surprising is how few companies have any EMP in place whatsoever, which means that the amount of dollars going up the chimney is more than most people can imagine. How big is the energy supply industry? Consider this, in recent years the government spent something in the neighborhood of thirty billion per year on various solar and other renewable energy programs and subsidies. That is an indicator that energy is a huge industry.

What businesses must consider is that energy cost is a substantial part of the cost of goods sold. But you only have control of the part of that cost of goods that is within your operation, and in many cases, that’s a sizable sum. We dare you to study your company’s energy bills for a few minutes! Make sure to take some anti-nausea pills beforehand, because you are not going to like what you see.

It’s time to be a part of the movement to reduce emissions and start saving on your energy bills. Get your staff enrolled in a good set of Energy Management Courses that suit the needs of your business . If you pick good Energy Management Courses you won’t be left in the dark!

Don't forget to check your Sales to Energy Ratio! . A great SER can save you more than you would expect.
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Why Now?

‣ Every residential, commercial, and industrial facility uses power!
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Heating, cooling, lighting, machinery, transportation... The list goes on and on. It was only recently that businesses came to realize that the consumption and cost of energy can be managed and dramatically reduced in almost every case.
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‣ Over the last several decades we have watched energy consumption climb.
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Demand has grown as population has increased and new economies emerged and prospered. This escalation of demand came with a recognition that traditional sources of power are finite.
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‣ Greater demand has also created new industries, strategies, and efficient technologies.
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This in turn produced new jobs as alternate and renewable power sources became commercially available.
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‣ Add to the growing demand, the consequences of increased energy consumption and carbon emissions.
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Our climate has become a worldwide concern. Globally, governments are alarmed and media attention has intensified and become relentless.
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‣ It is clear that while every country, company, organization, and individual is using energy, they all want to use less.
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It's obvious that the field of energy management is wide open to anyone interested in starting a new career or adding to their existing skill set.
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‣ The need for energy management and efficiency professionals is exploding!
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Whether you are looking for a new career in Energy Management or just to differentiate your résumé as a Certified Energy Efficiency Professional (CEEP ® ), Master’s Academy can provide the training needed to set you on the right path.
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If you are looking to start a sustainability program or reduce energy costs for your company, Masters' Academy can lend a hand. We offer a free mentoring program designed to get you on track, the right track, right from the beginning!
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